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Religious Studies K-6

What is Orange LogoElementary Bible Curriculum is the What is Orange? program using the 252 Basics Curriculum.

Elementary-age kids are in a constant state of discovery. Think about all the different things they are trying for the first time and what they’re learning every day, even how to make (and keep) friends.


How can we tap into the way kids are naturally wired to discover‚ so they can begin to experience for themselves who God is, how He sees them and how much He loves them?
How can we show them God’s big story and help them discover the active part they can play in this life-long adventure, to be more like Him?

252 BASICS curriculum and resources PROVOKE DISCOVERY, inviting kids to live out their new understanding of how to grow in relationship with God and with others.
Thinking Orange PROVOKES DISCOVERY in the heart of a child.

Children explore a new theme every month and learn scripture that ties in with the theme.

Religious Studies 7-12

Students in grades 7-9 must complete coursework in Religious Studies 7-8-9.  In grades 10-12 students may choose between Religious Studies 15-25-35 or Team Leadership modules, both of which focus on study of the Bible, scripture memory and practical application of faith through service.

Details on the courses offered coming soon!

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