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Christian Studies

Our Christian Education program includes morning prayer and scripture, weekly Bible classes, monthly scripture memory assignments and service projects.

Scripture Memory - Every student at MCS is expected to memorize the Scripture passages assigned within their course or class.  We believe that the word of God is a powerful resource with which we can equip our students for life.

Chapel - All students are expected to attend the weekly chapel service, which provides the opportunity for our community to worship together and grow deeper in our faith.

Spiritual Retreats - Every fall, students are required to participate in spiritual retreats. The elementary students have their retreat day at school and Junior and Senior highs are offsite.  These 1 day events provide great opportunities for our students to build strong relationships, be challenged in their faith and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Senior High - Studentsare expected to take at least one Christian education course  each year. Students are able to choose from the following courses, which are locally developed, provincially-approved courses offered for high school credit:

Christian Studies 15 -  The Bible and Other Sacred Writings

Christian Studies 25 - The Life of Christ and Other Religious Leaders

Christian Studies 35 - Religion and Ethical Issues

Leadership, Character and Social Responsibility 15, 25, 35 - This course involves participation in an international service trip.