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Other Programs

Advanced Placement (AP) - Students at MCS are encouraged to seek a deep understanding of their coursework, so they are confident about learning and able to achieve success as they continue their academic pursuits. We believe that taking even a few AP courses can motivate students to challenge themselves at a higher level. Our experienced and collaborative teaching staff will support your child as they proceed through high school in AP and regular courses. 

Millwoods Christian is proud to offer AP courses in Math, Science, English and Social Studies. Students are able to select one, some or all AP academic courses. Due to our school size, we are not able to offer all AP courses at the Grade 12 level and the AP exams offered will vary from year to year. Please contact school administration to find out more about our AP program.

Career and Life Management (CALM) - CALM helps you develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for well-being in our rapidly changing society. You will learn to make well-informed, thoughtful decisions in all aspects of your life.

Spanish Language and Culture 10 - This course is designed as an introduction to Spanish as a Second Language. Students will use Spanish in a variety of situations and for a variety of purposes. Through exploring Spanish culture students will acquire skills and attitudes to be global citizens.

Work Experience and the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) - Students at Millwoods Christian can earn credits for Work Experience or register for the Registered Apprenticeship Program. Both of these programs are offered through a partnership between Metro Continuing Education and Millwoods Christian. Please see your Career Counselor for further information.

 Work Experience 15, 25, 35 - These courses allow students to connect and apply the knowledge and skills learned in school to selected workplaces. Under the supervision of a teacher, students receive on-the-job training and have the opportunity to explore career options in a variety of work placements. Students may earn a maximum of 15 credits in Work Experience courses. 

RAP (up to 40 credits) - Students may also apply for the Registered Apprenticeship Program to prepare for a trade while completing high school.