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Student Services


Student Ministries Directors - David Calvert & Julie Manolescu

Millwoods Christian has campus pastors on staff to act as the Student Ministries Director.  They take the lead role in all of our spiritual focused events. They connect with students at assemblies, on international service trips, at lunch hours, and in class. Students are regular guests in their office where they are able to engage in real conversations about their faith.


Guidance Counsellor - Jacqueline Vandermeer

There are a lot of decisions facing students as they near the completion of high school.  As guidance Counsellor, Jacqueline Vandermeer assists students in academic program planning for their high school years and helps them prepare for post-secondary education and entering the work force.  She also has the opportunity to talk with students about life challenges and choices they face, and networks with parents and other professionals to offer the best support possible for students in need.

‌Beginning in CALM 20, students use Career Cruising as a tool to determine their strength and occupational path.  Career Cruising