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Division Re-entry Strategy

Read our COVID-19 Division Re-entry Strategy for information about how we’re welcoming students and staff back into schools this September.We’re preparing to welcome students and staff back into schools this September.


Sports Teams



Badminton - January to April / SH & JH mixed teams

Basketball - November to March / JH Boys/Girls,

SH Boys/Girls.


Cheer Team - September to April / Elementary & JH

2019-2020 Cross Country

2019-2020 Cross Country Running - September to October / SH

2019-2020 Football

2019-2020 Football - 6 Man SH September to November/ JH April to June

2019-2020 Soccer

2019-2020 Soccer - September / JH Team

2018-2019 Track Team

Track and Field - April to June / JH & SH Teams

2019-2020 Sr. High Men's Volleyball2019-2020 Sr. High Women's Volleyball

2019-2020 Sr. High Women's JV Volleyball

Volleyball - September to November / JH Boys/Girls,

SH Boys/Girls.

2019-2020 Golf Team

Golf - September

Elementary Relay Team - Indoor sprint relay team that participates in the Journal Games at the U of A Butterdome