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High School 10-12

Millwoods Christian High School has a strong record of high academic, athletic and performing arts success. Ranked in the top 10% of Alberta high schools, MCS offers a well-rounded program designed to equip high school students with an excellent academic basis for continued success in post-secondary study and careers. We also endeavor to provide students with a strong spiritual foundation and the interpersonal skills needed to succeed beyond high school.  If you are looking for a place to be truly equipped for success in a broad range of areas, MCS is the high school for you!

Millwoods Christian offers a range of courses in the following subject areas:



Social Studies


Second Languages

Fine Arts

Career and Technology Studies

Career and Life Management (CALM)


Students who are motivated to learn beyond the scope of Alberta curriculum are encouraged to participate in our AP program.  Students are encouraged to seek a deep understanding of their coursework to enable them to be confident about learning and able to achieve success as they continue their academic pursuits.  We believe that taking even a few AP courses can motivate students to challenge themselves at a higher level.  Our experienced and collaborative teaching faculty will support your child as they proceed through high school in AP and regular courses.

Millwoods Christian is proud to offer AP courses in Math, Science, English and Social Studies.  Students are able to select one or more AP academic courses.  Due to our high school size, we are not able to offer all AP courses at the grade 12 level and the AP exams offered will vary from year to year.  Please contact our school guidance counsellors to find out more about our AP program.


Each year, students are required to take a Christian Studies course, which involves study of the Bible and a focused application of biblical principles to everyday life. Our commitment to training students as servant-leaders is supported by all students participating in either local or international service projects.


Our option courses allow students to develop new skills, sample different disciplines and explore various career pathways. Course offerings include:

Fine Arts

  • Musical Theatre, Drama, Visual Arts

Career and Technology Studies

  • Photography, Film and Media Design, Computing Science, Food Studies, Wildlife, Recreational Leadership and Health Sciences

Student Leadership

  • Leadership skills with the opportunity to serve internationally

Second Languages

  • Spanish and French

Physical Education



Work Experience

Course offerings are subject to change pending student interests, enrollment, and faculty expertise.

MCS 2024-2025 High School Program Guide